Lucyfer's Love Letter

by Curious Case

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Alone Architect These guys are maniacs - in a great way. Bad ass motherf**kers making bad ass motherf**king music! Favorite track: Misery.
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released June 13, 2012

Dominic Cifarelli - guitar, mandolin, autoharp, lead vocals
Jules Pampena - drums, percussion, samples, guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
Gianni Berretta - bass, backing vocals

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joe Pacheco.

Cover art by Gianni Berretta and Jules Pampena
Layout by Gianni Berretta


tags: rock Montréal


all rights reserved


Curious Case Montréal, Québec

Three fackin' losers with a bone to pick.

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Track Name: Predator
I remember the night he broke into her soul
He carved three sixes in her forehead
She was his paradise with tortured eyes
Now no one else can have her

He sent a curse to her home
He sent his demons
Their talons would shred her alive
He fed his demons

He is a predator
He hunts the innocent and the pure
And if his eyes are on you
Say your fuckin prayers
He is a predator

He made a toast to her and all of her faithful friends
A shot laced with hatred and cyanide
Impregnate with lust a womb full of rust
Gave birth to the horror
Track Name: Black Cigarette
I know I know you got it made
I'll rest my head in the shade
You stay, keep your collection
I'll keep my legs

No Heart No Love Black Cigarette

I know I know you had it made
Now bow your head down in shame
You lost all your possessions
You made your bed
Track Name: Little Blonde Kitty Cat
Put a little milk in her bowl
You know she loves to crawl
She'll be anything you want her to be
Your ragging doll
The pain is what she craves
The game when she's a slave
Believe me when I say
This kitty loves to play

Oh Oh She loves to beg and choke
Oh Oh All those fears runnin down her throat
Goddamn here she comes again
With her own hands around her neck
Goddamn here she comes again with that fuckin look in her eye

Too sick
Too drunk
Too high
Too sick
Too fuckin angry

You're in this mess
Because of your godlessness
Your lawlessness
And your incessant depravity
Waste them
Track Name: Poppy Seed
Why don't I know where I wanna go
Why don't I know what I wanna know
What I wanna know

I see color lines in my room at night
I see brighter lights when I close my eyes
I know what you're body needs
I'll be your poppy seed

Take a ride on my back I'm your poppy seed
We'll glide right down low by the cherry trees
Don't try to understand me I'm an anomaly
So take a ride on my back I'm your poppy seed
Track Name: Eyes Set
Keep your blinds and the shutter down
There's no reason to be in the know
Keep your mind in the gutter man
On the way to the grave you go

All eyes set
Do you know what you're made of
All minds bend
Cause I know what I'm made of
Track Name: Misery
Misery is the price you pay for kindness